New Release 1.4 Update Updates April 2019

Hey there! Here is some updates that we added to CloudPano (I am excited!).

  1. Info Spots – Add custom information directly onto your tour.

This is great for commercial projects. As your clients ask you to highlight certain areas, you can easily add the information right onto the tour. We have a short and long form info spot option. Check out the custom modal when you add your info spot information.

2) Rotate Hot Spots

You can now rotate your hot spot to the left or right. This can add some smooth distinction between hot spots on your virtual tour.

3) New Hot Spot Styles

Select white, black or image crystal ball for your hot spots.

4) Dashboard Redesign

See your tours in a beautiful dashboard experience.

5) Clone Your Tours!

You can now duplicate your virtual tours with one click. Just click clone!

6) Auto Motion Navigation Detection

Check out the figure icon on the view. This allows you to toggle between touch navigation and motion navigation. And if your users has “motion navigation” turned off. Our software will detect this and default to touch navigation. Although this looks very simple, its actually a VERY cool update that makes you (a virtual tour creator) look very smart.

Get started creating virtual tours on CloudPano right now!

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