[New Feature] CloudPano White Label / Private Label Domain Manager For Your Virtual Tour Business

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Video Transcript:

Now if you log in to CloudPano.com by clicking try it out, or go to app.cloudpano.com, and you go to your dashboard you will see a new option which you select called Manage White Label URLs.

This little dashboard is important because it allows you to white label or private label your URLs that you’re publishing your tours to on cloudpano.com.

You can see here that I already have one URL published. Four tours are assigned to that URL. The status of the URL says “ everything looks good no further action is needed” I can edit this and turn it on and off if I need to. 

If you’re new to this concept of private labeling, it’s one of our core features for CloudPano. You can use your own domain name. What that means is Cloudpano.com won’t be in the URL and you can have whatever business URL. You will replace the app.cloudpano in the URL.

If you are interested, what you need to do is get with your pro plus account now.

Here’s the deal: you have to be Pro plus, to use your own URL. What’s cool about that though is every time you publish a virtual tour, it creates a little marketing piece for your business. 

Okay, so every time someone sees the virtual tour goes well.  The comments are: This is amazing! I want ones for my business, or for my wedding venue, or for my car dealer.

They’re gonna check the URL, type it into Google’s and they’ll find you. It creates a little marketing piece for your business.

Really really neat thing so CloudPano kind of sits in the background now. What if your client or your clients want some urls that have their name on them? –Let’s say your client’s domain name is Zachcalhoon.com

Okay well you can create a private label URL for your client and charge them a fee to add an SSL certificate.

Now with your pro plus account you get 2 white label URLs. A lot of clients like their URL to pop-up, and if they happen to want this, No problem! It’s going to cost 75 bucks. You can charge 150, you can charge 225, you can charge whatever you like, but everything’s appropriate based on the client’s needs. Just keep the margin okay and we’ll set up the SSL search for you!

You submit your URL the same way you would for your private label. If you don’t know how to do this, there’s an instruction button that goes through all the steps. I have a video I made a long time ago that just walks you through step by step.

-How to add a custom CNAME and point it to our server

-At CloudPano once you have done this, you save your url you click save

-We will get an alert, we’ll check it out and we’ll make sure it’s good.

-We’ll add an SSL cert to it. 

Overall, to use your white label URL checker tool,  just add URL and click test and save and it will give you the status.   You can have as many white label URLs as you wish and they’re only 75 bucks right now. That cost may change later,  so I would grab them now while you can.  All right, thank you so much for watching!

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