[New Feature] CloudPano White Label / Private Label Domain Manager For Your Virtual Tour Business


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How to Whitelabel Your Virtual Tour

  1. Log in to app.cloudpano.com
  2. Go to your dashboard and click on Manage White Label URLs located on the left sidebar
  3. Click + Add New White Label
  4. A pop-up shows to configure your domain, so please add your URL.

Take Note: Make sure your URL is already pointed to CloudPano. 

If you have not configured this yet, please follow the steps here: https://cloudpano.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043099791-Setup-your-Domain-to-Point-to-CloudPano

  1. If your URL has been properly configured, you will wait for the SSL certificate. 
  2. After 24-48 hours, it will get approved and you can now use your URL to Whitelabel your virtual tours.

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