The Virtual Tour Profit System

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Whats Included in VTPS?

CloudPano Pro Plus Membership

  • CloudPano Pro Plus Membership
  • Use your own domain name.
  • Build VR 360º virtual tours in seconds.
  • Add floorplans, custom hotspots, embed content, CloudPano Live, Google Street View and more…
  • Capture leads on your tour and send them to clients automatically.
  • Use Pro demos tours and pre sell clients in bid niches.
  • And much more!

The Digital Media Business Blueprint –

How To Sell Virtual Tours For Profit

  • We Introduction: Virtual Tour Sales. Getting Started Selling Virtual Tours (2:53)
  • How To Start a Virtual Tour Business From Scratch (6:44)
  • How To Pick a Virtual Tour Niche With Exact Examples (9:26)
  • How To Find Leads And Niches With Google (8:30)
  • How To Find And Email 2000 Prospects (6:26)
  • How To Handle Hot and Cold Leads (4:29)
  • How To Have a Successful Cold Call (6:54)
  • Live Cold Call – Bonus (5:33)
  • How To Sell Your Virtual Tours In Person (6:22)
  • How To Get Referrals and Charge Hosting Fees (3:47)
  • The Value Ladder – How To Structure a Digital Media Business To Your First $100,000 (30:56)
  • [The Virtual Tour Profit System Video 1 of 2] Virtual Tour Business Automation Explained (15:18)
  • [The Virtual Tour Profit System 2 of 2] How To Build A System That Generates $10K Per Month Automatically (16:09)
  • Pre-selling Pack: 360 Virtual Tour Demos To Sell With (0:56)
  • Business Page Set Up – The Simple Method For Pre-selling (1:52)
  • Getting Started With Your Website (1:36)

Outbound Sales Growth Hacking Secrets

  • Introduction: Outbound Selling and The Path To Scaleable -Profit (3:22)
  • Picking a Niche: How To Accelerate Profit One Niche At A Time (15:50)
  • The Customer Journey – How To Understand The Deep Desires Of Your Niche (18:19)
  • How To Use Email To Become A Sales Juggernaut (46:18)
  • How To Write Great Cold Emails (11:45)
  • How To Build a List For Your Email Marketing
  • How To Find Prebuilt List [3 Examples] (8:51)
  • How To Outsource List Building With Real World Examples.
  • Outbound Document List – Written Emails, Niche List, Pricing Pack Example (2:03)
  • [Design Kit] Brochure, Tri Fold, Pitch Deck, Pricing Presentation and Stock Images
  • [Bonus] How To Pick a Virtual Tour Niche 2 (13:38)
  • [Bonus] Client Interview – How To Listen To Your Clients Needs (3:16)
  • The Secret Successful Lifecycle Of The New Local Service Provider (24:34)

CloudPano Power User Training

  • Getting Started (2:19)
  • Power User Training Introduction – 360° Photos Explained (7:54)
  • Virtual Tour Software Full Walkthrough (15:29)
  • Dashboard Demo and Tour Management (10:01)
  • How To Embed Content Onto Your Virtual Tour Software CloudPano (9:53)
  • How To White Label Your Virtual Tour On – And Keep Your Domain (5:17)
  • Lead Generation Advanced Feature (10:13)
  • How To Create A Virtual Tour “Walk Through” (7:27)
  • Advanced HTML School 1: How To Add A Single Image From Google Drive Into A Info Spot (4:02)
  • Advanced HTML School 2: How To Add 1 Image Hosted On Dropbox Into an HTML Info Spot (3:57)
  • Advanced HTML School 3: How To Add A Button To Website With HTML Info Spots On CloudPano (3:54)
  • How To Add a Floor Plan To Your Virtual Tour (5:51)
  • How To Create and Share Real Estate In Virtual Reality With CloudPano (4:06)
  • Downloading Virtual Tours (8:53)
  • How To Clone Demos Onto Your CloudPano Account (4:00)
  • Additional Features To Optimize Your Tours

Outsourcing Mastery Program

  • Introduction: Outsourcing – How To Be Resourced For All Your Business Life (3:29)
  • Outsourcing Overview 1: How to build lasting resources for your business life (57:05)
  • [Document]: Example Job Post
  • [Interview] Joe My Virtual Assistant (20:38)
  • [Document] List of Post Processing Editors (35)
  • [Resource] Data Mining Team

Inbound Advertising: How To Buy Customers For Profit

  • Google Adwords Overview: How To Determine Your Local Keyword Targets (26:21)
  • Google Adwords Campaign Example: How To Build Your First PPC Campaign (12:27)
  • Facebook Ads: Getting Started With Facebook Ads (12:20)
  • How To Install Your Facebook Pixel (2:54)
  • How To Run an Engagement Ad On Facebook (5:55)
  • How To Create a Custom Conversion On Facebook Ads (1:11)
  • How to Set Up A Conversion Ad In Facebook (4:58)
  • Facebook Ads Funnel Example (7:20)
  • Facebook Ad Copy Example (You can use this too)
  • Facebook Ad Video Example (59)
  • Facebook Ads Live Training Reply – “How To Harness The Beast: Algorithm, Structure, Targeting, Funnels and CTA.” 1 hr 17 min 11 seconds)

360º Photography Mastery Program

  • Introduction and Interior Setup On The Z1 (4:34)
  • Interior Set Up (2) With Bracketed Exposures Z1. (2:31)
  • Exterior Manual Bracketing Set Up Walkthrough Z1 (1:09)
  • Getting Started and The Ricoh Theta Stitcher (4:19)
  • Lightroom Walkthrough Z1 Examples (10:03)
  • Photoshop Walkthrough Z1 Examples (11:30)
  • Nadir Change (1:07)
  • Metadata Correction Exif Fixer (3:13)
  • Interior Post Walkthrough Z1 Example 2 (7:04)
  • Exterior Post Processing and Blending Example (13:35)
  • Final Presets (1:15)
  • Noise Reduction – Full Tutorial (9:02)
  • How To Photograph and Create a 360 Virtual Tour On Location With The Insta 360 One X (2:46)
  • Insta 360 One X Workflow Example – How To Post Process and Outsource The Editing (8:23)
  • Insta360 Studio File Conversion – How To Create a 360 Image File
  • Getting Paid: How To Send An Invoice On PayPal (1 Min)
  • Getting Paid: How To Set Up an Automatic Paypal Subscription (1:57)
  • How To Use Google Street View Plus A Workflow Example(19:08)
  • 360º Cameras and Post Processing From the Web
  • [Editor List] Freelancer List For Photo Editing (32) (1:56)

High Ticket Upsell Program

  • Introduction: How To Upsell Your Way To 10k a Month With a Few Clients. Lead Generation Explained (24:45)
  • Session 1: Lead Generation System Explained: How To Create Powerful Lead Gen and Automation For Clients (1:17:50)
  • Session 2: The Tools Needed – AC and CF Explained (1:24:30)
  • Session 3: Automation Set Up and Connecting AC to CF (56:28)
  • Section 4: How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients (50:22)
  • [Downloads] Lead Generation Files (Everything done for you, just upload to your account).

Downloads and Sales Material

Full Website

  • Pitch Deck
  • Tri-Fold – Google Slides Example
  • Tri Fold .PSD
  • Brochure .PSD
  • Pricing Presentation Package
  • Proposal Example
  • Media and Stock Images Folder
  • Niche List – 70+ Profitable Niche Ideas
  • Emails – Pre Written Campaigns
  • Website Template
  • Sales Design Kit
  • Power Presell Demos

And Much More!

Affiliate Program Included

If I refer a friend, is there an affiliate program?

Yes! Our current payout is $300 per referral.

Become an affiliate and get paid to refer your friends.

Current Payout:


Questions and Answers

Now you may be asking…

Will this work for me if I have no business experience? 

Yes! To create a digital media and marketing company is to find business owner pain and help them with your solutions. If you can have a conversation with a human, the digital media will sell itself.

Will this work if I have no previous clients?

Yes! We give you a packet of demos you can use to pre sell your customers and you can even private label the URLs to your business. Plus we teach you how to use them as ‘examples’ and get your first deal quickly.

Will this work for me if I live outside the USA?

Yes. The framework and systems used are internationally applied. We have members from all over the world. 

Will this work for me if I have no photography or virtual tour experience? 

Yes! We give you complete workflows to create a 360 virtual tour (even with zero experience). Also there is more included than just the virtual tour fulfillment. You also have access to digital marketing funnels and resources to help your clients succeed beyond the digital media level.

Will I be able to sell $10,000 clients? 

Yes. When you position your business with the frameworks we share, you will be able to sell projects larger than you ever thought possible. 

Will I learn how to fill up my calendar?

Yes. The most important skill in business is lead flow. When you have consistent lead flow you will never go hungry.

Is there a community? Yes, inside VTPS is a private community of rockstar entrepreneurs. 

Is software included? Yes! Included inside VTPS is 1 year of The world’s best 360 virtual tour software for digital media entrepreneurs.

Do I need a website to get started? No, we give you a full website template you can install and create in a few minutes. 


The Virtual Tour Profit System

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