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How To Copy and Paste Our Ad Templates

That Launched Our Business Past $1 Million In Sales


Million Dollar Ad Templates Program

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My Advertising Story…How I Learned Bulletproof Advertising By Running Ads For Other Business Owners

…….And was paid $1000 / month per client

When I first started running successful advertising campaigns, I knew I had to limit my risk and find what works quickly

So rather than dumping money into a new ad platform and hoping I would figure it out, I took a different approach.

I pitched and sold “Advertising As A Service” to local business owners who needed more leads and more paying customers.

When I sold my first few clients, I was able to open their Ads, set up their accounts, run fresh campaigns, spend their money, make mistakes and find success without using any of my own money (when you pick up this program you can do this too...)

Using other business owners ads accounts as “learning laboratories” gave me a huge advantage and increased my appetite for risk.

With a combination of great offers and razor sharp copywriting I was able to bring success to my clients. Plus, they paid me to try out new campaigns, see what worked and what flopped.

I learned a TON about buying advertising and running successful campaigns. Creating consistent leads and sales for my clients while they pay me to learn – wow what a perfect way to learn…

Here is how you can take advantage of my previous success and speed up your progress and become an Ad buying expert

How To Turn Traffic Into Buyers

Copy and Paste Our Ad Templates….

Inside the Million Dollar Ad Templates Program I am going to show you the exact ad campaigns that got me started in the world of buying traffic. Then I am going to show you some ads we are running right now for CloudPano! I will even open up my ads account and show you all the active campaigns that are currently bringing us new customer each and every day…

Never before has a company revealed so much…

Here are the exact steps to unlock Million Dollar Ad Templates Program and accelerate your business by using advertising that converts!

Step 1) See how successful campaigns are built from the ground up and follow the same steps.

First, I pour the advertising concrete and teach you ad architecture. When you understand how to set up campaigns at a high level, you can quickly create and run campaigns that have success.

Step 2) See campaigns that work – model them exactly

Next I will show you the exact campaigns that got me started in advertising. Plus, I will reveal why this campaigns worked so well. You will be surprised at the simplicity of the funnel. And you will see that what drives the most conversions (it’s all about the offer!)

Step 3) Learn how to write ads that convert consistently – Use the AIDA formula.

If you are ever stuck on “what to write?” don’t worry, I have a solution to help you get started quickly so you can write ads that pull in prospects and make them LOVE you, even before they click.I will walk you through the AIDA formula which stand for, Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Use this formula, follow the steps in each section, and watch your creativity flow with written salesmanship.

Step 4) Learn Facebook Ads success frameworks, and how to copy our templates for success.

Next I will show you how we currently use Facebook Ads and WHY it’s so powerful. If you have ever hear someone say “I tried Facebook ads and couldn’t get it to work…” Do no listen to them. Copy the strategies we are showing you that helped us cross a million in sales.

Plus I even show you active ads that we have running right now on Facebook. I call these evergreen ads – we will never turn them off. Why? They consistently work and bring me fresh buyers everyday.Follow this ad framework and you will WIN on Facebook.

Step 5) See our Youtube Ads and how we take a short video framework and apply it to scale.

When you start to run Youtube ads you need to change the style and framework for rapid attention and call to action. And as you run these types of ads its important to push away the bad leads, and pull in the good. You can do this too.

See our Youtube advertising videos we are running today and model these frameworks for your business.

Step 6) Get your first campaign started – follow the step by step guide.

Now that you have all the theory, architecture, assets and copywriting ready, its time to launch your first campaign and get your marketing moving in front of your target audience.

In this step I will walk you through a live campaign and show you the landing page and advertising copy we are testing in this campaign. Use this step by step approach to make certain your ads are ready to win.

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Plus these special Bonuses

Facebook Ads Templates

See Facebook Ad Templates That Convert

See the behind the scenes look at Facebook Ads

Learn how to create conversion momentum

Follow your prospects everywhere and automate prospecting

Price $497

Copy and Paste Our Facebook Ads Strategy Today!

Youtube Ads Templates

See the exact Youtube Ads we are running

See why Youtube is so powerful

Learn a 3 step approach to the perfect video ad

Simplify your video ads and push to the masses.

Price $497

Use this 3 step Youtube Ads Strategy to convert cold traffic!

Funnels You Can Copy and Paste

Clone working funnels and landing pages!

Use the landing pages that we are using

See the strategy behind these funnels

Swap out your information and run ads to your funnels today!

Price $597

Use working funnels and automations that you can load directly into your account!

Landing Pages That Convert

Use pre built landing pages that turn prospects into leads

Use a special landing page that makes it easy to convert leads

Reuse the landing page and sell the service to clients

Quickly load these pages and start converting leads today

Price $797

Present, impress and close more sales with pre built landing pages!

Accelerate Your Business

And Start Running Advertising That Converts!

The Million Dollar Ad Templates Program



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The Million Dollar Ad Templates Program

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