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Now its important to be disciplined with your call sheet. Make sure to build a large list, and call everyone on the list. This should be your one focus until you have booked over 10 meetings!

Next Up: How To Present

Presenting In Person

Once you have booked a few presentations, its time to present your services in a compelling way (so they remember you and use you in the near future).

In this video we cover:

1) How to present

2) How to align your goals with the viewers

3) How to get everyone to enjoy the presentation

4) How to walk away with their information for follow up

Here are some demo links for you to use during your presentation:

Watch this video below:

Bonus Section

How To Photograph The Perfect 360 Virtual Tour

How To Create a Virtual Tour On CloudPano

Technical Video: For Insta 360 One X Users

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