Virtual Tour Business Website: Do You Need One To Get Started?

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Hey guys, Zack here in this video we’re going to talk about the question of a website. Do you need a website to start your virtual tour business and a truly scale it and grow it?

The question at hand is something that in a common place internet world of anything digital marketing everyone has a website, right? It’s obvious you need a website and of course you do well I want you to venture down a journey with me questioning this reality.

Do we really need a website like really, do you need a website to sell your service? What alternatives are there then building out a custom website that can help you still grow and scale quickly?

Here’s what I mean, as an entrepreneur your goal is to lower your risk, increase your upside the most you can, and make the most money you can as fast as you can without skipping important steps.

So, is a website an important step?

At first as a virtual tour provider it may seem I of course you need a place to show off your virtual tours but the truth is from what I’ve seen and I have software that analyzes and watches people to go on a website and different businesses that I own and scroll through them and read them and click and they click certain things and I get to watch their mouths move over the screen it’s pretty cool stuff and from what I’ve noticed is that certain folks that they’re trying to vet you go through your website and find a tail but certain prospects don’t really care.

Here’s what I mean, the website is more of a place to validate your exist in your real but not a place that sells the prospect from a local service provider standpoint. Here’s what I mean, if you’ve done a good job showing examples and showing what the output that solves their problem is going to look like they don’t really care how beautiful your website is. So, what I would advise you if you’re just getting started or you’re considering trying to grow your virtual tour business, have a couple examples on your website if you can have one at all and then move on that’s it.

If you have testimonials they’re cool even better that’s a place for customers to validate you would look at hey this person has done this before I’m not the first one because every customer doesn’t want to be the first person, that’s your customer.

So what this whole so the questions tool is a hand though do you really need a website to communicate those things? Maybe not and what I want to challenge you to do is before you make an elaborate website or before you add on to your current website.

I want you to email two examples or three examples of virtual tours you’ve done in the past or ones even other folks have done it that you know you can do and as demos and send them to a prospect and say, hey are you interested in this?

With no website behind it for them to click to and see their response you’ll be surprised that a website doesn’t hold that much weight in that solving of customer problems world and in their mind it’s a place to vet you yes it’s a place that they will if they’re going to work from you at scale they’re going to go through your website and click around and look at certain things but maybe all you need is a strong social presence and a place for people to go see examples and that’s it do you need to buy domain name for this to happen maybe not if you can show an example or even to show a video of you shooting at or somewhere maybe that’s all you need.

So, I want to challenge this social norm or this this internet Norm that you have to have a website to be an incredible business owner not necessarily true I think that tool was maybe overplayed and overpaid for as someone starting off who’s trying to get started from scratch and truly grow a business that is cash-strapped you’re not going to necessarily need the world’s best $10,000 website.

Just think about your prospect and your customer. What do they want? What problem it solve, and what examples that you’ve done you or you done before in the past and they want to trust you and build rapport if you can live a poor without website then do it especially if you can sell someone and get a purchase order without a website they don’t necessarily need it.

So, my advice is take certain aspects of your business with a grain of salt if they take a bunch of time seven days plus to put it together questions and say hey do I have to have this or can I make some examples and send them over to some prospects? If that’s true? Try it.

Okay guys that’s it for today it’s one a challenge this whole website idea do you possibly even need one there have to be elaborate with a bunch of pages probably not I think your best rapport building activities may not actually be building a website but talking to customers getting to know their problems and solving them through great service. Alright guys thanks for watching this video. I hope you have so much probable success in the future.

Follow this this channel, subscribe this channel, comment engage. What do you think should you have a website yes or no what alternatives? Let me know below in the comments, alright thanks to you all.

Virtual Tour Business: Referrals – How to Get More and More Referrals For Your Virtual Tour Business

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Hey guys, what’s up? Zach here. In this video we’re going to be talking about the importance of referrals. So, when you’re just getting started out and you really want to grow your business, the most important thing you could possibly use for marketing in sales is referrals.

So, here’s what I mean when you do a job for somebody even if it’s a free job or a very expensive one. If that person forward your name to somebody else who is important they’re going to trust you a lot more because they already trust that person, right? It’s very common in business referrals equal trust, right? And trust is the name of the game you’re trying to make sales and grow your business.

So, how should you as a business owner pursue and get referrals especially when you’re just starting out?

Whenever you’re pitching your price you can always start a little bit higher than what you expect someone to pay and you know and then say, hey listen but if you guys can give me a strong referral I can discount this price $500 bucks or whatever the number is and it can be more specific over time. What I mean is this, referrals are more important than the amount of money you make at first because referrals grow your business for you, right? So, every time you get a referral most likely that person will refer you to somebody else and a good strategy is to pay cash for referrals.

So, what do I mean?

If you’re charging $3,000 for a virtual tour you do a great job, say hey who can you refer me to and then over the next few days you reach out let me clear and say hey by the way I want you to know I’m paying out $200 per referral for every paying client that you guys refer me to.

Well as a business owner or as a previous client if my search bar says hey listen I’m going to pay $200 bucks. Every few weeks or every time you refer somebody I’m going to think of 10 people who I could possibly refer to and send them your name, alright because I’m thinking well $200 bucks times 10 cool I’ll make a cool quick – geez for doing nothing right?

And we know that out of those customers only a few little probably on it but what happens as you create this compounding growth those folks become your referral network and therefore, that grows and grows and grows. And what happens is now your incoming leads are much higher volume than your outgoing marketing efforts need to be this is like magical and like next-level stuff.

If you think long term upfront this could really help your business, it really help any business if you’re looking for referrals in a market place that’s not saturated, you can go capture a lot of leads really quickly if you’re willing to pay those who give you the referral, right?

So, always keep track of these things and hold true to your word. The last thing you need to do is promise somebody you know $200-$500 dollars and then not pay them but if you can give a referral fee, a finder’s fee to anyone who gives you a referral this will dramatically increase the volume of people who are calling your phone, emailing you, and you reaching out to you and it creates a little bit of a salesman every time you get a new client or someone who wants to refer you, now obviously you have to do a great job and provide a great product and a great service to do this but when you have a referral network built up down the road your sales take care of themselves.

So, here’s what we need to think about and you’re first getting started mentioning referrals in saying the word partnership, I’m thinking long term, and what we always are looking for referrals and our willing to discount for it means a lot to the psychology of the prospect.

When they hear that they think well this guy, I mean this guy this team they care about me and they value my word. So, I’m going to refer them they best did a good  job, alright? And I probably going to do a good job because they’re looking past my project in other projects well that’s kind of cool but I mean obviously in this conversation you don’t want to say I’m only looking ahead you want to be focused on their property but overall if referrals aren’t in the conversation then you’re going to get a better response from the initial sale and if you have to if you really have to offer do one of the tours for free or offer do a few rooms for free or a few floor plans for free and in exchange, say hey listen, I’m just trying to build rapport with your company and build partnerships for the long term.

This is like magical gold coming on the lips of anybody selling a service to a company. The company cares about their company and it makes it seem like you care about them too and you do in a certain sense you want how to have a great product and a great service but truthfully what you do care about the most is like converting the sale and getting more sales later.

Let’s just be honest about it that’s that’s the truth but it it’s a possible win-win and it can be truthful if you say hey listen, I do need referrals, I want referrals but I’m thinking about doing an amazing job for you so the referral can come next and all those things are win-win scenarios.

This is how you create compounding business growth and if you think this way upfront, you think long term you won’t get discouraged whenever you get told no because no is going to happen but for the folks who are on the fence when you find that person who’s not sure always look to get the referral and then follow-up for that referral and offer it incentive if you can.

Alright guys, thanks for watching this video. I hope you look it with this referral first process and hopefully helps you strive to grow and grow and grow in compounding ways that are magical and amazing and hopefully profitable. Thanks for watching this video, subscribe, comment, engage, let’s grow your business together. Alright, thanks for watching guys.