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How I Started In Entrepreneurship

The Story Of 10 Years Hard Earned

...and how you can skip and compress 10 years of effort

into a 7 day launch...

Me years ago. I thought I had to do it all...

When I first started in business I would do everything the hard way...

  • Build my own website
  • Make my own logo
  • Buy a domain name
  • Write up the website sales copy
  • Create graphics and videos so I don't look like a newbie (even though I was)
  • Post on social media and make a "business page"
  • Make a pitch deck in case anyone called me (they never called)
  • And I would continue to 'play' business and avoid the most important step to get started... speak to clients.

Looking back, I wasted my most precious resource...



Today I will show you how to move fast, avoid my past mistakes and launch a profitable VR agency this week. Rather than slog along in details that hold you back and slow-you-down.

These tools will guard your time and encourage you to enjoy the precious moments your given on this earth.

After all, entrepreneurship is about freedom and more free time, not the endless grind.

But first, I need to take you on a journey...

The typical steps to start an Agency looks like this…

(The long way...)

Set Up Your Business

Name your business

Set up your branding

Create a logo

Create a Facebook page

Create an instagram

Post, hashtag, comment and recruit followers...

(5 hours)

Create Virtual Tour "Portfolio"

Then you go out and photograph and create virtual tours from scratch, learn how to photograph and create the 360º virtual tours on CloudPano. Then set up your CloudPano account with your private label domain and SSL cert.

(2 Days)

Create Your Website And Online Assets

Then you buy a domain name.

Decide which website builder to use.

Write up the sales copy.

Create a lead form.

Make sure the design is professional and represents your quality (passing the scroll fatigue test).

(12 Hours)

Pick Your Niche And Market Research

Then you pick your niche.

Research markets.

Look for blue oceans.

Make a list of top niches in your area with little competition.

(5 Hours)

Determine Pricing and Business Model

Then you determine pricing and offers.

Make a price sheet.

Make a detailed pricing presentation.

Determine your business model and additional skills to upsell.

Calculate your gross margins and scale-able services.

(10 Hours)

Create Pitch Deck and Design Assets

Then you create a pitch deck.

Get a designer to professionally create the slides and assets.

Create graphics and mock up examples.

Add the new professional mock ups and designs to your website sales deck and marketing materials.

(15 Hours)

Create Email Campaigns

Then you write email campaigns and follow up messaging.

You make sure its well crafted and gets a response.

Then you write some follow ups and start to send out campaigns to your chosen niche.

Then you realize you need to change the messaging and start over.

(3 Hours)

Create Invoicing and Terms Templates

Then you create invoicing and term sheets.

Just in case, you pass it to a lawyer friend to see if it makes sense.

Add your letterhead and itemize your services.

(3 Hours)

Create Case Studies Of Success

Then you create case study and examples of your success.

Record video of your success stories, results and create strong calls to action for future clients.

Then you post this on youtube and your website.

(20 Hours)

Create Funnels and Automations

Now that you have a success story, you create your first funnel.

Add pages for each step.

Then you create automations and connect your calendar.

Then you prepare for scale.

(3 Days)

Run Ads and Fill Your Calender

Assuming you made it this far, you turn on advertising.

Test your campaigns.

You attempt to fill up your funnel and hope you didn't miss a step.

You check your calendar every hour hoping someone books a time.

Then you get frustrated at all the work with little results and blame it on the market and give up.

(2 weeks)

...and this process takes

expertise, time and money


You can download the Rapid Launch Stack today and be set up and launch your business in a few hours.



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Here's what's included...

The Power Niche List

The Power Niche List: 2,457+ Niches To Target And Scale

Download a comprehensive list to carve out your market and dominate.

Find blue oceans of businesses owners that have zero competition.

Get marketing and niche ideas that that are profitable and recurring.

Price $597

2,457+ Businesses Niches To Target and Sell Your Services

Find endless blue ocean businesses to sell services (with zero competition)

Email Prospecting Stack

Email Prospecting Stack: Proven For Response

Download these emails for your campaigns

Customize the message to match your market

Get response and blanket your niche quickly.

Price $897

Pre written email templates that are proven to get response.

Copy and paste these emails and start selling today.

Presell Pack - [19] 360º Virtual Tours Ready To Be Cloned To Your Account

Presell Pack: 19 Virtual Tour Examples You Can Clone To Your Account Today

Use these 360º virtual tours and show potential clients

Customize the virtual tour examples to match the brand of your prospect

Use these live examples to quickly share and plan a virtual tour experience together.

Price $597

Use these 19 virtual tour demos to start pre selling right away.

Clone these demos to your CloudPano account and use professional examples

and accelerate your first few sales.

Professionally Designed Pitch Deck

Professionally Designed Pitch Deck

Use this VR Pitch Deck to close large enterprise clients

Look professional instantly

Customize with your branding and your offers

Price $797

Present, impress and close large enterprises

with our professionally designed pitch deck.

Pro Invoicing and Quoting Templates

Pro Invoicing and Quoting Templates - Quote Like A Professional

Use these invoices to quickly get pricing to clients

Just add your letterhead and itemized pricing

Get signatures and get paid faster.

Price $297

Prebuilt pricing templates to quickly send out pricing and look like a pro.

Fully customize your invoices and quickly engage clients when they are ready to buy.

Marketing Tool Kit: Brochures, Tri Folds, Mock Up Images and Pricing Presentation

Marketing Tool Kit and Templates

2 Customizable Brochures

2 Customizable Tri Folds

A Full Pricing Presentation

40+ Mock Up and Tech Images Asssets

Price $2,000

Customizable Marketing Material To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Including over 40+ mock ups, customizable pricing presentation, brochures, tri folds and marketing material you can plug into your business quickly.

Economics Calculator

Economics Calculator

Pre calculate your business model.

Determine your ad cost and pricing plan.

Build a team with profitable margin.

Price $450

Build out your business model and strategy in minutes with our economics calculator.

Cast a clear vision for your team, marketing campaign and margin.

Case Study Power Templates - Live Example

Case Study Power Templates

Case study funnel examples.

Opt and value video stories that extract clients

The 2 step winning formula for scaling your success.

Price $2,300

See exact case study examples of clients results and funnels.

Included in this pack is the funnel used and the exact steps to get these results for a client. Copy and paste this funnel strategy to send prospects through and turn them into customers on auto-pilot.

CloudPano Power User Training

CloudPano Power User Training

Become an expert in your virtual tour software.

Learn how to customize and build a world class VR experience.

Over 21 videos to get you started quickly.

Price $397

Become a robust virtual tour expert in 1 day.

Learn all the features and tools available inside the CloudPano Power User Training. Inside this training video series we will share each important feature to make certain you have clear confidence with the tool.

VR Pro Provider Website Template And Walkthrough

VR Pro Provider Website Template

Download a fully built website template in a few clicks

Use the drag and drop builder included to customize your website.

Create a professional website in minutes and start selling today.

Use this template as a starting place to create sites for clients (adding more services to your business skillset and more revenue streams!)

Price $1597

Fully built VR Pro Provider Website Template.

Within a few clicks, you will be able to upload a website template to your account. This WordPress template includes a drag and drop builder, allowing full customization of pages, images and text.

See a sneak preview of the website template in the video below. Click 'Play'

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Setup Your Email (DMARC, DKIM, SPF) – Done For You

Setup Your Lead Capture Funnel – Done For You

Setup Your CloudPano Private Label URL – Done For You

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