360º Photography, Editing and Virtual Tours For Real Estate With Rich Baum

Everything you need to photograph, edit and deliver virtual tours for your real estate photography business

A Full Video Walkthrough Tutorial

For Real Estate Photography Professionals

Learn 360º Photography, Editing and Virtual Tours From Rich Baum

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Meet Your Instructor

Rich Baum has been shooting real estate photography for 12+ years. And now he releasing his 360º workflow to the public.

With over 20,000 Youtube subscribers, Rich is a trusted authority in the real estate photography space.

Plus Rich is an expert in teaching material in a consumable way.

He makes 360º photography “simple, fast and easy.”

Whats Inside The Program?

The Tutorial Sections:

Why 360º Photography?

Learn why you need 360º photography in your skillset and why its important now.

Which 360º Camera I Use and My Setting

Learn the exact settings Rich uses and why. This will remove and mystery from the photography process.

Importing and Basic Editing 360º Images In Lightroom

Look over the shoulder and hear Rich explain his 360º editing steps. Also notice where his focus is, and what he avoids. This will speed up your workflow right away!

Presets, What You Need For 360º

Get a behind-the-scenes view of Rich Baum’s “go to” pre sets when editing 360º photos. This section will get you close to your goal (repeatably), and also save you time.

More Involved Editing and Overcoming Problem Photos

Learn how to overcome problem photos. Rich gives his take of some images that may give you a challenge. Also he shows how some simple adjustments can make a big difference.

Removing The Base From Your Monopod

Quickly learn how to remove the base of the monopod. Plus we include an action to install and speed up this process.

Importing and Building a Virtual Tour On CloudPano

Watch Rich create a virtual tour on CloudPano. Use these tips when you create your virtual tours for your clients.

Over 2.5 Hours Of Expert 360º Content

If you are looking to improve your 360º photos, increase the speed of your workflow and enjoy the process, you need this program!

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